3 Ways to Make Your Apartment Dog Friendly

Two people and a dog in apartment

When looking for apartments to rent, we have a million things in mind: local lifestyle, community events, transportation, and so much more. We’re also looking for the things that suit us personally, whether it be a first floor apartment or a new kitchen or anything in between. Those of us with dogs are always thinking of our four-legged friends. Finding an apartment to suit every need is like finding a true diamond in the rough. That’s where these tips at Marquette Management come in. Here’s a few ways you can make any apartment dog friendly. 


One thing that keeps our furry friends happy is a comfortable and secure place. One way to do this is by procuring a sturdy kennel for them. It’s not just for their peace of mind. Rather, it’s for their safety, as well. There are very few of us who can be with our dogs 24/7. Therefore, they need a safe place to stay while they’re alone. Kennels come in a variety of types and sizes. You can even get kennels that double as end tables or entertainment centers, to maximize space.


You will have to take your four-legged friends on walks every day, even if it’s just a short jaunt for a bathroom break. Be sure that you have a well-fitted harness your dog can’t slip out of. Additionally, make sure you have a good leash with a handle. Periodically give your harness and leash a good once-over, just to be sure that they are always in good condition. Even the most well-behaved dog can startle at something unexpected. Walks outside should be enjoyed! A good harness and leash helps to make them stress-free.


Key hangers and mail holders that you can buy in any home improvement store can double as a leash/harness hanger. And, it can be a place to put your waste bags and treats. When you have a place to put it all together, it makes it quick and easy to get out the door — especially if your dog is the excitable type when it comes to going outside. Be sure your leash is hanging up out of biting range, too! 

After you make your apartment dog friendly, why not check out these tips for sprucing up your living space?

These tips can really help you make your apartment home not just for you, but for your dog, too. Contact us when you’re ready to find the home you’re looking for.

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