RentLingo Creates the Noise Index

When searching for the perfect apartment, residents have a lot to consider, from amenities to location. Taking a live or virtual tour of the home helps further the decision-making process, but now residents can get an even more realistic representation of the community they’re looking at.

RentLingo has recently come out with a tool for potential homebuyers, residents and property manages that identifies the level of noise in a given community. The Noise Index is an interactive map and database that shows the decibels of noise in the top 100 cities across the country. Users can type a ZIP code into the website and see what exactly they are dealing with.

The heat map indicates a surface level assessment of the noise. Those who want more specific results can access the average decibel level and noise sources within 200 feet and 500 feet. Perhaps the most critical detail RentLingo addresses with its interactive map, is the ability to switch to night-mode. Typically, potential residents do not spend the night at the property, which is why this data is extremely important. The product will now identify noise sources such as nearby bars, night clubs, fire departments, police stations, trains and even late-night construction.

Inspired by his own apartment searching experiences, RentLingo CEO Dan Laufer notes, “[Noise] is one of the biggest pieces of information renters are looking for.” With this, the RentLingo team made it a priority to include crowdsourced information in their comprehensive findings. The final data was put to the test when team members visited select locations with a sound meter, confirming the science and measurements behind the map.

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