5 Ways To Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy Using Tech

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Technological advancements in multifamily marketing not only provides a better user experience, but it simplifies your efforts and can save you money. From first glance to signing the lease, automation smoothly walks prospects through the process.

That’s why it’s essential to incorporate the latest technology into a modern multifamily marketing plan. Here’s how:

1. Upgrade the Website

A multifamily community’s website is a first impression for potential renters. Not only should it include professional quality photographs to highlight the best features of the grounds, facilities, and the units, but the webmaster should also update images regularly. 

Think of the website as a lead generator as well as a hub for renters to pay their rent, schedule maintenance, and ask questions. Keep prospects on the site with interactive technology.

2. Get Mobile Friendly

We now live in a world that’s run by mobile communication. That includes searching for a new apartment. What this means for multifamily communities is that there’s an opportunity to provide customer service with mobile-friendly processes. The company can also utilize mobile technology to gather data that will further future marketing efforts.

3. Chatbots and Customer Service

Convenience is the number one priority when visitors explore a property’s website. Adding chatbots help customers get their questions answered quickly. 

4. Use Digital Reality

Using digital reality such as 360-degree video and augmented reality gives the audience a 3-D view before they visit the property.

5. Automate the Leasing Process

Today’s renters expect to be able to go through the leasing process online. What this means for multifamily community marketing is that it’s essential to provide a seamless experience. From viewing the property to going through the screening process and on into signing the lease, today’s clients embrace technology.

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