5 Ways to Make Your Community Extra Pet-Friendly

a dog looking out the window

Once you’ve decided to let your residents bring their pets, it can prove to be very rewarding for the entire community.

While these amenities might not seem important in the long run, adding them can add to your bottom line. Here are seven ways you can make your community extra pet-friendly. 

1. Deposits, Limits, and Rules

One of the hardest things for pet owners to swallow when apartment shopping is pet deposits and limits on the amounts of pets. Even considering a three pet limit versus the standard two pet limit can help. Consider lowering the pet deposit or not making it per pet. Try implementing a referral based acceptance policy that requires a vet sign off that the pet is not aggressive.

2. Be Welcoming and Engaging

Let your residents know you love their pets too! One suggestion is to have a pet tab on your website that provides engaging content related to pets or showcases the owners and their furry friends. You can also have a photo board, treats, and a water cooler at the front desk. Try surprising your new resident with a welcome box for their animal filled with toys, treats, and other surprises. Consider contests or fun activities throughout the year, such as a pet Halloween costume contest. 

4. Bring Service to the Renter

Adding pet services is an extremely beneficial perk. Communities can add an outdoor dog wash station, provide a mobile groomer that comes to the apartments, or work to form partnerships with local businesses that cater to animals so that the renter can benefit from discounts. 

5. Create a Place to Play 

Work to add things in the community that are beneficial for all. Waste and water stations make a great addition to the grounds, and even non-pet owners will appreciate these efforts. Install a mini dog park on the grounds. You can also host a pet happy hour or dog walk day to bring the residents together over their shared love of animals. 

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