5 Tips For Marketing Your Apartments as Green Buildings

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When it comes to your rental properties, you need to make sure your units stand out in every way possible. One way to do that is to make sure that your apartments are eco-friendly. While some methods of reducing your environmental impact are truly expensive, there are a lot of little things you can do to make your properties a lot more appealing as well. These 5 tips should help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

#5: Install Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances have a government-issued rating for efficiency. Tenants who see those appliances know there is no wasted energy in your rental properties, and that will factor into their decisions. Additionally, you may be able to claim tax credits for installing Energy Star appliances, which makes this proposal a win-win situation.

#4: Provide Recycling

Trash service tends to be included with most rental properties, but if you also offer a recycling service then that will make some renters sit up and take notice. Recycling paper, plastic, and metals is one of the easiest ways to go green, and it’s made even easier if renters can walk out their front door and toss their recyclables into a bin on the way to work.

#3: Insulate The Properties

One of the primary causes of wasted energy is poor insulation, according to this source. If you want to make your properties greener then you simply need to make sure they keep heat in when it’s cold, and keep heat out when it’s hot. Installing new insulation is an investment in the property, and it can be touted as a great selling point for those who want properties that are green as well as efficient.

#4: Go Paperless

It might sound like something more for the management than for the tenants, but eliminating paper use from the office is something that can have some serious green benefits. Informing your tenants that you won’t be sending them paper bills, but will instead be sending out texts or emails might seem like taking the easy way out, but it does have concrete benefits.

#5: Install Green Energy Saving (And Generating) Methods

Lots of property owners are reluctant to install many green energy applications because of the big up-front costs. Radiant heating is something that saves a great deal of energy every year, for example. It’s comfortable, simple to use, and shaves a lot of money off the energy bill, but it can cost additional thousands of dollars to install. Geothermal heating and cooling (where water is run through pipes in the walls that go deep into the ground, bringing water into the home at a steady temperature to heat or cool it) is another example of a green technology that is both beneficial but expensive to install. And while landlords might not be expected to put solar panels on the roof or to set up windmills on the property, such green energy solutions would certainly attract the curiosity of potential tenants.

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