5 Priorities For Apartment Renters

a man in his apartment with his dog

As more and more people select apartment living over owning or renting a single-family home, multi-family property owners want to keep abreast of what renters are seeking.  What considerations are most important to those looking for an apartment to rent? 


At the top of the list of things renters consider is price.  Apartment dwellers admit that the number one reason for making a move in the first place is to find a more reasonable rent.  Costs that remain stable for longer periods are also more attractive.    


Access to schools, recreation, night-life, and work make location the second most significant factor for potential renters.  In fact, an easy commute to a job is the number one reason many working folks live where they live.  The ability to walk or bike to work is also a common desire these days. 

Pet Friendliness

Over half of American households include at least one pet.  Having a pet-friendly policy in place is high on the list for not only the solitary renter, but for families and elderly tenants, as well.  Some green space where renters can bring their pets puts properties on the most desirable list fast. 

Handicapped Accessible

No business can operate to its full capacity without accessibility for those who are disabled.  Adequate parking and ramps at apartment buildings are always a necessity.  Additional amenities like elevators help more renters feel safe and at home.

Family-Appropriate Options

For many reasons, more families are opting to rent apartments rather than live in detached homes.  Still, there are a lot of single apartment dwellers who adhere to a quiet lifestyle.  Apartment communities that can cater to differences in preferred living environments tend to foster a happier, fuller occupancy.

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