4 Property Maintenance Tips

property maintenance

Make property maintenance easier with these four tips.

Create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

By creating and adhering to a preventative maintenance schedule, you can avoid some problems and catch others early. Your schedule should reflect what maintenance tasks have to be done monthly, annually, or seasonally. For example, gutters may need to be cleaned every autumn after the leaves fall or the HVAC filters may need to be inspected monthly. While you could keep your schedule on a paper calendar, using property management software is more efficient.

Embrace Technology

As a professional property manager, you’re probably managing multiple properties. Keeping track of each property’s maintenance needs is challenging when you’re using manual systems like notepads or spreadsheets. Property management software makes managing maintenance needs easier and prevents maintenance issues from being forgotten. Features vary among software programs. The best programs have the following features:

  • Tenants may enter maintenance requests online or via an app
  • Property managers can assign maintenance orders to appropriate staff
  • The software keeps a record of maintenance contractor payments

Build a Contractor List

If you don’t have in-house maintenance staff, you need a list of licensed, dependable, and competent contractors. You want to be proactive and find plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians before you need them. Try to find contractors through your professional network rather than relying on internet searches. No matter how you find your contractors, checking references is a must. Having a good working relationship with contractors makes dealing with emergency maintenance easier.

Involve Your Residents

Property maintenance begins with tenant screening. High-quality tenants take care of the property rather than deliberately damaging it. Inform new residents they’re expected to notify you of maintenance problems immediately. Also, let new residents know if they should report maintenance issues via an app, by phone, in person, by text, etc.

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