4 Alternatives for a Coffee Table in Your Marquette Apartment

When it’s time to give your Marquette apartment a fresh look, there are several apartment decorating tips you can use to liven up your rooms or add unique touches that personalize your living space. For example, you can use several different alternatives to a traditional coffee table.

Placing two end tables side by side is a great way to replace a coffee table with functional decor. You can choose end tables with drawers or storage space, as well, and you can separate them as needed to provide surface space for separate seating arrangements.

Wicker ottomans are great for those on a budget, and they come with valuable storage space. You can also stack them when they aren’t being used, to create more floor space in your living room.

An old trunk, refurbished with some TLC and a fresh coat of paint, makes a unique and homey coffee table alternative.

Large wood stumps can be used as a natural alternative to a coffee table, and you can even add a large glass top to create more surface space.

You can leave the stumps au naturale, or clean them up a bit with a good sanding and a clear coat of shellac. For a large coffee table, use two or more stumps of the same height and place a large, thick piece of glass (or other flat panel-type item) on top of the stumps.

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