3 Ways To Promote Recycling in an Apartment Community


One of our New Year’s resolutions is to continue thinking green. As the managers of apartment communities, we not only can make sustainable efforts ourselves, but we can also promote green living so our residents follow suit.

Here are three ways to get everyone in your multifamily community excited about recycling.

Make it Fun

Recycling can be a fun activity with the right motivation. Why not offer free movie nights in exchange for everyone’s participation? For example, when the recycling cans are filled for the week, rent a large screen and projector and offer a resident movie night. Not only does this promote recycling efforts, but it also creates a sense of community.

Make it Accessible

One of the main reasons why most people don’t recycle is that it’s too much work. People are busy, so making recycling bins accessible is key to making sure that everyone is participating. Having a centrally located bin or several strategically-placed bins will reduce effort on the part of the recycler and make them more likely to participate.

Make it Easy

When choosing graphics for bins, it’s important to get bold graphics that are clear and concise. Otherwise, you end up with paper items in the plastic and aluminum bins.

Having a recycling program is always a good idea. It helps maintain cleanliness and creates a sense of accomplishment for those who care about the environment. Having a community recycling program also brings people together for a greater cause which, in turn, creates a sense of community and responsibility. 

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