3 Ways to Prepare Your Property for the Summer Season

cleaning a pool

Smart property managers are preparing their apartment communities for the summer season now. Here are three things you can do now to make summer pleasant for your residents.

Be Proactive with Air Conditioner Maintenance

Inspecting your central air conditioning system can save money and prevent problems. First, take a look at the air filter. A dirty filter must be replaced or cleaned. Dirty air filters may increase energy costs and result in damage to the unit’s coils. Next, check the exterior condenser. Since it needs two feet of clearance, clear the area around the condenser of leaves, weeds, and debris. 

Prepare the Pool

Don’t disappoint your residents by failing to have your pool ready for summer. Schedule pool service early. If your state doesn’t require a certified pool operator to take care of your pool, several staff members need to be knowledgeable about pool operations. They should be trained on how to determine chemistry levels and how to add chemicals to the pool. Also, now is a good time to order pool chemicals so that your supply will last through summer. You’ll want to check that pool signage is still in place and its wording hasn’t faded in the sun. Finally, inspect the pool’s fence, gate, and lock for damage.

Make Outdoor Space Attractive

Both residents and prospects touring your community will appreciate attractive exterior facilities. Landscaping chores to remember include planting annuals for color, mulching garden beds, trimming bushes, and replacing dead or damaged plants. Check that your sprinkler system is operational, sending water to the right areas, and timed properly. Patio furniture should be inspected for safety, cleanliness, and excessive wear. Community grills need a deep cleaning and a full tank of propane. 

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