3 Ways to Maximize Your Property’s Online Search Results

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One of the biggest challenges for those involved in property management is how to make your properties stand out in online search engines. Without the right strategies, even a great listing can end up getting lost in the pack.

We’re taking a closer look at three effective strategies for improving relevance in an increasingly crowded online listing environment.

Double Check Your Google Listing’s Accuracy

Once upon a time, an individual hoping to find information about a property management company would have cracked open their phonebook to the yellow pages. Today, however, an overwhelming number of people turn instead to Google’s online search portal. Your Google business listing can help funnel prospective customers to you.

If your listing contains inaccurate information, you may end up losing potential customers as a result. Instruct your marketing team to regularly double check your Google business listing. Be sure to check not just your listed address, but also the location of your map marker, and the hyperlink to your website.

Prioritize Your Google Reviews

Reviews also play a key factor in how well your company gets represented in a Google search. For one thing, search algorithms naturally prioritize listings that have more reviews. In other words, a customer looking for a rental property will be more likely to land on well-reviewed listings.

Positive reviews also have a huge impact on whether a customer chooses to visit one of your properties or that of a closely related competitor. Studies have found that 70 percent of prospective viewers will choose to visit whichever property has the better rating.

Keep Your Website Zippy

Another little-known factor that influences where your company ranks in a Google search has to do with your website’s loading speed. Slower websites routinely get penalized with lower rankings. For that reason, have your site speed tested regularly to help keep you at the top of the pack.

For more information about what it takes to remain competitive in today’s online rental marketplace, please don’t hesitate to contact the industry experts at Marquette Management.

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