3 Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space

a person opening up their closet and looking inside

Whether you have an impressive clothing collection or are just looking to get innovative with your storage, these tricks will maximize your closet space.


Adding shelves may seem like a simple solution. However, often a simple solution is one of the more effective. Most closets have one shelf directly above the rod to hang clothes. The majority of people have more items to place in their closet than that and adding shelves is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way for you to create space and organization within your closet.

Functional shelves of all shapes and styles can be chosen and easily installed, allowing you to organize your closet and give yourself more space on the floor to work with as well.  


Closets aren’t the only space to store things in your apartment. The kitchen and even the bathroom may have extra storage space that you could store seasonal items in. Kitchens are often your best bet, as they often have higher cupboards that are not being used on a consistent basis.

You may not be able to put plates or cups up there but that holiday sweater you pull out once a year? Now that is a perfect fit for those hard to reach places.


You know those old suitcases hiding under your bed, waiting for your next vacation? Well, this is the ideal time to put them to good use. They are a great place to store seasonal items and free up some room in your closet.

Anything from coats to hats and scarves, even seasonal decorations, can be stored in suitcases and tucked safely under your bed. Suitcases are usually weatherproof and will help keep your items safe and sound. Most importantly, they will be out of your way, while you wait for their season to come around. They’re a perfect way to maximize space in your closet.

These three tips will help you make the most of the space in your closet to help make your apartment feel like home. For more information on our properties and locations, contact us today. 

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