3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Community Cozier This Winter

a cozy fireplace

Whether you live in the snowy Great Lakes states or in temperate Texas, winter inspires us to hibernate in cozy homes. Here’s some inspiration to spread warmth throughout your community and encourage your residents to spend more time socializing with their neighbors

1. Add some winter ambiance

Warm-balanced white LED string lights add low-key holiday cheer indoors and out. Swag indoor and outdoor spaces and set them on timers. Avoid flashing lights that might irritate some residents, and take care not to place them too close to residents’ apartment windows. 

So-called “fairy lights” look wonderful all winter, and you can bring them out for special outdoor occasions any time of the year. Don’t rule out old-fashioned bulb styles. They have the look and feel of vintage incandescent lights but the filaments are made with energy-efficient LEDs. 

2. Create a quiet reading refuge

What’s cozier than sitting by the fire with a comfy chair and a book? Install a gas or electric fireplace in a little-used corner or alcove and set up some inviting furniture. Residents who like to relax or work on the margins of group activity, or who just want a convenient change of scene from their own apartment “den”, will appreciate a little winter chalet ambiance without the kitsch. Don’t forget dimmable, directional lighting, a “give-one, take-one” bookshelf, and durable but attractive coffee tables. Area rugs bring everything together and create a sense of space. 

Don’t have the time or budget to install a fireplace this winter? Everyone loves the Yule-Log channel. Most cable and satellite services broadcast a crackling fireplace scene each holiday season, or you can stream one on a continuous loop. Set up an extra flat-screen TV and choose a channel with the sounds of crackling fire instead of music, and you’ll draw in residents like moths. 

3. Host classic movie nights

Ever heard of “comfort tv”? It’s more fun to watch old Andy Griffith shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, Hitchcock movies, or Disney classics with friends. Host weekly viewing parties and bring out the popcorn machine.

What warms you up in wintertime? 

Why hibernate? Apartment living expands our winter dens to include community gathering spaces. We’d love for you to contact us and share your favorite community-building activities and decor ideas!

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