3 Ways to Enhance Your Living Space

living space

With thoughtful lighting and styling, you don’t need drastic renovations to switch up your apartment’s aesthetic! We’ve gathered a few fun tips for elevating your space when it could use a refresher.


Light, which is cheap and easy to add into a furnished room, creates the optical illusion of a bigger space. In order to maximize the room’s existing natural light, make sure windows are not obstructed either by drawn shades or large pieces of furniture. When adding artificial sources of light, distribute multiple recessed ceiling lights rather than a single fixture in order to illuminate all corners of the room without consuming overhead space. And in order to enhance the light, place mirrors across from windows and lamps to reflect their light.


Similarly-styled rooms tend to blend together. So, in order to optimize your space, style each room a little differently. By using different wall colors, accent colors, or decorating themes, you can reinforce the experience of living in various spaces. See here for styles that suit your Enneagram type.


Finally, your body forms associations with your environments. This is why you become productive at your desk, hungry in the kitchen, and sleepy in your bed. But working in your bed and eating at your desk links all your home-activities simply with the entire home, which creates the experience of living in a single space.

In order to enhance your living space, designate a set of tasks and activities for each room. By consistently using your desk for work, the couch for entertainment, and the dining table for meals, you can create the experience of living in multiple spaces.

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