3 Ways to Eliminate Food Waste From Your Life

Healthy meals prepped and portioned into containers

In the United States, an estimated¬†30 to 40 percent¬†of our food supply goes to waste. That’s staggering, but luckily there are simple tips and tricks you can use to prevent food waste in your household. Best of all, you won’t just be helping the environment, you’ll also be saving money. Here are three habits you can take up right now to make a difference.

Meal Prep

Plan out a week’s worth of meals in advance, and only purchase ingredients you’ll need for those recipes. Try to overlap as many produce ingredients as you can so you avoid wasting food that spoils quickly. Make a list of the items you’ll need and stick to that list. If you get distracted when shopping in-person and often pick up things you don’t need, try buying groceries online from your local vendor instead.

Store produce properly

Fruits and vegetables spoil quickly if they are not stored properly, and can lead to food waste. Learn how to keep your produce fresh for longer, and stick to those guidelines. Also, educate yourself on how long produce lasts when stored properly. Onions can last for over a month, but broccoli only lasts up to five days. Keep this in mind when meal prepping and shopping.

Serve smaller portions

Food left on the plate after a meal usually goes directly to the landfill, even though it is perfectly good. Make a practice of eating small portions of food at a time, including at restaurants. That way you’ll avoid food waste and have more leftovers to enjoy the next day. In fact, leftovers make the perfect lunch when you’re on-the-go and need to pack something quickly.

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