3 Ways To Build Community & Increase Resident Retention

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Resident retention is one of the most important aspects of leasing. However, retention techniques are often neglected until renewal time.

Use these three simple but effective techniques to start the retention process the moment residents arrive at your property.

Pick Up The Phone

Residents appreciate when they feel they can have open communication with property managers and leasing agents. A simple call one month after move-in to check in on their satisfaction with their new home shows that you care and have their best interest at heart. At renewal time, do not just leave impersonal letters and notices at their door, give them a call to let them know they are an important part of your community. Phone conversations also allow a great opportunity to overcome objections if the resident is considering relocating. 

Learn Names & Make Connections

Residents feel more satisfied and are more likely to renew when they feel they have a personal connection with the onsite staff. Learn the residents’ names and at least one fact about them to use for light conversation. These types of interactions make their apartment more than just a rental, it makes it a home.

Host Resident Functions

Residents are more likely to renew if they enjoy the company of their neighbors. The functions do not have to be grand or lavish, they just need to facilitate an opportunity to build relations. Excellent resident functions that are easy to plan include bingo night, potlucks, and film nights. Ideally, a property will host a resident function monthly or seasonally. This is also a great opportunity for residents to form relations with staff in a relaxed setting.

There is no better way to retain your residents than to build community. For more tips on resident retention and property management contact us at Marquette Management, the best place to work, live and invest!

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