3 Tips To Enhance Your Website Before Leasing Season Peaks

Since the leasing season is officially getting ready to peak, it is time for property managers to reassess their current marketing efforts. One of the first areas to review is the company website. Property Management Insider stated that “Backlinko examined 1 million Google search results and discovered a lot about best practices in SEO for 2017 that your property can implement.” Ramping up the website’s user experience is one-way property managers can boost consumer interest. Every person visiting the website should have the ultimate user experience. It is extremely important that when users arrive at your web landing page, they have a great experience that is characterized by:

Easy navigation: No one wants to arrive at a website and stumble around trying to find out how to get from one piece of information to the next. The process for filling out an application should be just as simple as browsing floor plans and pictures.

Fast speed to find information: In addition to being easy to navigate, people should be able to find what they are looking for quickly. If they have to hunt for their information, you will lose them to another site. This means your pull-down menus or click-on tabs must contain adequate descriptions of the information contained.

Attractive to look at: Some websites are just plain dull, while others ones are so full of color, pictures, and text it is overwhelming. Your website needs to be a fine balance between attractively decorated without being too busy. Also, studies show that certain colors can evoke certain feelings and if you used properly can actually increase website conversions. According to the research, women prefer blue, green, and purple and men like blue, green, and black. So, use color to your advantage.

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