Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 3 Tips to Decorate Your Apartment for Winter

holiday decor

Decorating for winter is a time-honored tradition that helps foster the spirit of the season and share joy with our loved ones. It can be a challenge to conjure the perfect, cozy feeling. However, apartments hold unique and fun ways to invoke the holidays with the perfect decorations. These three tips will help you decorate your Marquette Management apartment for winter, and create a holiday spirit like never before. 


You don’t have to worry about covering every surface with an abundance of decorations. If you focus on the main areas of your apartment, your main room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc., you can maximize the effect of your decorations. By decorating only these areas you can bring the winter spirit to your home without overdoing it or making your apartment feel cramped and overwhelmed.


Utilizing the ceilings and the chairs in your apartment will enable you to decorate using what you already have on hand. In so doing, you are creating a festive spirit with what already inhabits the space. Drape lights or decorations off of chairs and hang DIY snowflakes or decorations from the ceilings with invisible twine.


The holidays have a particular scent, be it cookies baking, or hot rolls, or warm cinnamon spice, there is a distinct smell that is the holidays. The moment you step through the door you can smell the holidays and also feel them. Using scents is one of the easiest and least expensive ways you can decorate your home. A few candles as centerpieces or a potpourri on the stove, or fresh pine wreaths, all of these things can contribute to your home feeling festive and warm. Best of all they don’t require a lot of space and add a cheerful feeling both in the way they look, and the way they smell. 

Why not make your own unique homemade candles, to match your apartment decor?

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