3 Tips to Create a Luxurious Bedroom

Empty Interior Of Contemporary Bedroom With Desk And Storage

From the right mattress to furniture to paint colors, every little detail adds richness to a bedroom. Here are four tips for creating the perfect bedroom right out of your dreams.

Color is Everything

The general rule for bedrooms is that lighter colors— especially blues—are calming and lead to restful sleep. But many modern bedrooms have dark walls, painted dark gray or navy. You can have the best of both worlds by mixing the two. For example, a light-colored comforter against a dark wall can help the bed pop and lighten up an otherwise dark room. Alternately, dark accent pillows against a light bed frame can add contrast. Rugs and light fixtures are other great ways to build a color scheme and add contrast.

Somewhere to Sit

If you’ve got the space, consider adding other seating to your bedroom. This can be a great place to relax and unwind, drink your morning coffee, or do some reading. A long chaise, lounge chair, or window seat is the perfect statement furniture piece that will take your bedroom to the next level. Chaises especially give an heir of opulence to a room. Velvet is a luxury upholstery fabric that adds richness to furniture and is a great option. Place chairs or lounges next to a window to get some light. 

The Little Things

What really adds character to a bedroom are the little things—art pieces, souvenirs, and books that show who you are. Adding these into your master bedroom can make it feel like home. Think about things in your life that you’re genuinely passionate about. Add paintings from artists you love. That vase you picked up while traveling? Give it a special place on a side table. A nice wooden bookcase or shelf is a great way to display these little trinkets, as well as to house books and electronics while you sleep. 

If you’re looking for more ways to spend time at home productively, check out our three ideas for home projects. And if you’re looking at apartments for rent to create your dream master bedroom, we’ve got great options for you. Contact us to learn about everything we have to offer.

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