3 Tips for Apartment Property Management

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When making upgrades to apartments, property managers have many decisions to make. They have to decide what changes are important and which ones can wait. If you have that role, then you know pleasing your current and future residents is a key factor in your decision. So, just what do residents want in their home and how can you make upgrades that meet those desires? Here are three tips to help guide the process.

Create larger spaces

Most people don’t expect an apartment to be overly huge. So, when they walk into a large open space, it can have the potential to capture their attention and “wow” them. How can you make space appear larger? Lighter paint will make a room look brighter and larger. If you are redoing the kitchen, white cabinets will make the kitchen area appear bigger. Tall, large windows visually maximize an area too. There are subtle ways to enhance a smaller apartment.

Design an appealing kitchen

According to reports, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It can make or break a sale. People expect appliances to be sleek and modern. Many apartments have an island in the center of the kitchen. If the kitchen is spacious enough, this is an attractive touch. However, for smaller kitchens, it does take up walking space and can make the area appear tighter. A breakfast bar at the end of the room that doesn’t take up space in the middle of the kitchen may be just as attractive.

Add extra storage spaces

People are always looking for an extra place to put their things. Creating additional storage spaces is an inexpensive way to gain points with some people. You can adapt any closet or cupboard using storage containers or bins and have an instant extra storage area. Another option is to add a pantry in the kitchen or bathroom with wire or wood shelving.

By creating larger spaces with extra storage and more appealing kitchens, property managers can generate interest in their residence. Contact Marquette Management for more information about apartment management. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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