3 Technologies That Are Changing Multifamily for the Better

smart home

With millennials making up the majority of renters, it is up to you as the property manager to make sure that technology is at the center of what is happening in your multifamily community. Most of the residents are influenced by technology and the need to be connected. Here, we can point out some new cool technologies that will help you have a high tenant retention rate.

Drones for Deliveries

Millennials and Gen X are drastically embracing public transport as well as biking or walking to and from work. The significant move in congested cities is to get rid of obtrusive parking spaces. One way to effectively get rid of that is by drone delivery. While this technology might seem like it is far off, this is what you should be doing to offer better tech-enhanced lives. Most of the millennials have deliveries done to their doorstep, and this advancing technology will definitely set your apartment apart from the rest.

Buildings Tenants Can Talk To

The inception of smart buildings is just but the beginning of the changes awaiting multifamily apartments. Linking smartphones to a wireless network and HVAC is becoming a common thing. The expectation of the residents from your apartment is to get an immersive experience and not only get connected but also feel connected.

Monetizing Building Energy Savings

Green energy is making it big so that now you can monetize savings on energy. You can simply install energy efficient windows and incorporate solar panels for energy saving. In doing so, you will be in a position to increase your profits through tax incentives and solar regeneration.

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