3 Smart Upgrades for the Modern Community

smart home

Today, everyone uses smart technology. From our phones to our homes, modern families look to a variety of devices to make life easier. Maybe you’re thinking about giving your multi-family community a smart home technology upgrade. 

Not only do smart upgrades mean convenience for your tenants, but they’ll also enhance the units’ overall efficiency. What’s more, a smart upgrade increases its value.

By now, you should have community WiFi. Here are three more smart additions to consider for your multi-family community.

Light it Up

Smart lights are energy-efficient. Not only that, but you can also control them remotely with an app, set a timer, dim them, and even set different colors for mood lighting. If you’re going smart, lighting must be on the top of the list.

Thermostat Control

Similarly, the thermostat control is easy to set on a timer. Of course, setting the thermostat to adjust automatically with temperature fluctuations is a money saver for both residents and management. Your tenants will love their smart thermostat. In fact, over 50 percent of residents polled by Home Base said they’d pay more for a unit with smart features.

Enhanced Security Features

Other than security cameras, keyless entry is one of the most popular smart techs that renters look for in their apartment homes. Additionally, smart locks have the added advantage of reducing the cost of rekeying units as they turnover. Smart locks allow managers to recode the key for new residents easily. 

Even better? The manager can provide a temporary key code for maintenance.

Experience Life in a Smart Community

There’s so much that a smart community has to offer, both for residents and management. From security to energy-saving features, these days, it makes sense to upgrade multifamily units with smart technology. Want to find out more about all the ways technology can increase the value of your multi-family community? Then visit our blog to get tips and inspiration.

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