3 Ideas for Virtual Hangouts

Are you in need of weekend plans? Host a meetup with friends virtually! Here are a few ways to get the good times rolling while social distancing.

Netflix Party

With the help of a powerful browser extension called Netflix Party, syncing up virtually to watch a show or movie has never been easier. Netflix Party allows all users to watch directly in Netflix, so you won’t need to worry about any low-quality screen sharing. It seamlessly syncs up users at the same location and allows the party planner to give everyone the ability to manipulate the stream. That way, your friends will be able to pause whenever they need to get more snacks. Best of all, the extension opens up a non-intrusive group chat on the right side of the page, allowing everyone to dialogue in real-time over text.

Podcast Club

While the jury is still out on whether or not we’re in the golden age of podcasts, there are hours and hours of compelling listening that’s hiding away in the realm of podcasts. The idea behind a podcast club is akin to the book club concept. You and your fellow club members will listen to the episode of a podcast and then meet up to talk about it. To achieve this digitally, you can use platforms like ZoomSkype, or Google Duo to have high-quality video or voice calls on any operating system.

A Codenames Game Night

There’s nothing quite like a game night with friends. Thankfully, it’s possible to simulate much of that fun using digital means! While there are many card and board games with easy-to-play online versions, one of the best ones out there is Codenames via the humorously named Horsepaste. A clever spy-themed word game with a quick learning process and short runtime per game, Codenames is an excellent way to have a lot of fun with friends. Not sure how to play? Here’s an excellent video explaining the rules!

Connection is Key

Humans are social creatures and it’s important to look for ways to stay connected. While the virtual is no true substitute for meeting face-to-face, it can offer a respite from isolation during times when you’re stuck at home. Marquette Management can help you find the home that’s right for you, helping you to be happy and healthy while connecting with others

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