3 Engaging At-Home Activities for You and Your Pet

Dog with toy running at home

Our furry family members are soaking in the extra time with us right now. But like their human counterparts, dogs can become bored. Here are some tips on keeping them happy and healthy while spending time at home.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

What is more fun than hunting for treats? Hide your pet’s favorite treats around the house in easy to reach places. Make sure the treat is small but tasty. Start by hiding the treats in plain sight, and increase the level of difficulty over time. Your pet will catch on quickly. A twist on this is to hide our best friend’s favorite toy instead! Start with hiding only one toy, increasing the level of difficulty as the game progresses. Check out this blog for more inspiration. You and your pet will enjoy getting active!

Create an Agility Course

You can create an agility course for your pet indoors, which is perfect for apartment dwellers. Use furniture to create obstacles and ottomans or throw rugs as areas to practice sitting and staying while on the course. Be sure to make good use of all rooms in your home. Lead your furry pal around the course, giving them a little more independence with each pass. They will love the interaction with you, and their body will appreciate the activity. Use a broomstick on two chairs for them to jump over or crawl underneath. Go here for more ideas to get your dog moving through a fun course inside. Your pet will be sure to be tired after a day practicing their agility!

Play Hide and Seek

This activity is a bit one-sided, but still a fun game for your pet! Find places in your home to hide from your furry friend. The trick is not to have them follow you to the hideout. If you have a human pal, have them keep your pet busy while you hide. Take along a tasty treat or their favorite toy to reward them when they find you.

These fun activities will engage your pup while providing action and movement for you and for them! Mixing in some basic obedience training along the way adds another engaging element into the fun! Reinforce the sit/stay command at the beginning of the activity and teach good manners along with way—like not jumping up on you. Embrace the chance to have fun!

Now that you have some ideas to get your dog moving, check out this blog for at-home fitness apps or you! Please contact us today for more information about our neighborhoods here in the Houston area; we would love to show you around our apartment homes.

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