3 Color Trends For Apartments

roller painting a wall beige

It’s been proven that the first thing people notice when they step into a room is color. It sets the mood, evokes feelings, and expresses a certain sense of style. According to Multifamily Executive, color is the most important and versatile tool we use when decorating our homes. Therefore, we’ve borrowed some tips on how to make a room pop, relax, or feel just right for our residents.

The 60-30-10 Proportion

This rule states that 60% of one color goes on walls, 30% of another on furniture, area rugs, and window treatments, and 10% of a third color can be devoted to smaller accent pieces throughout the room. This creates a healthy balance so colors can work together to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Use Light Colors To Open Up A Space

Utilize off-white, light greens, and sky blues to make a smaller apartment appear bigger. If natural sunlight is lacking, opt for a light blue that is reminiscent of the sky or water, creating the illusion of bringing the outside in.

Trim Color vs. Wall Color

A good rule of thumb is to use a trim color that is a few shades lighter than the wall color. If you’re leaning towards a more modern look, opt for a charcoal, black, or black-brown to go against a pale wall.

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