3 Apartment Amenity Trends To Consider

The rental market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with renters coming to expect more and more from their communities. Basic amenities like parking garages and gyms are no longer enough to attract top clientele.

With new lifestyle trends comes new opportunities for amenities. Here are a few to consider for your community:

Concierge Services

Today’s high-end renters stay busy enough with work that they don’t want to worry about daily chores like grocery shopping, dog walking, and doing the laundry. As a result, development groups have started partnering with service providers to offer tenants the relevant concierge services.

Tenants don’t mind footing the bill for such services. That said, they don’t want to have to invest the time and energy trying to make the appropriate arrangements. By offering a pre-vetted list of trustworthy service providers, you can simplify your renters’ lives and ensure their continuing happiness.

Self Care Facilities

While virtually all Class A properties contain gyms stocked with cutting-edge equipment, that in and of itself is no longer enough to meet millennial tenants’ self-care desires. Smart developers recognize the need for more holistic self-care facilities. This may include such amenities as saunas, meditation rooms, and even things like on-site massage therapists and customized meal services.

Transit Services

More and more young renters are choosing to live car-free lifestyles, and have opted for services like ride sharing, public transportation, and car rental apps. In recognition of this shift, many apartment developers have begun introducing transit screens at key places in their buildings —for instance, in the main lobby, or outside of a central elevator bank. These screens provide a wealth of information, from bus schedules to subway changes, to wait times for various car service apps.

Apartment amenities continue to evolve and grow. For more information about how to stay in-step with today’s rental market, contact the experts at Marquette Management. 

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