2019 Home Design Trends

a black bathroom

Now that 2019 is upon us, what home design trends are the experts forecasting? As a property manager, it’s important to stay abreast of the trends because you can use them for your advantage. If you need to do any remodeling, you’ll know what is “in.” If you already have some residences that are following the trend, then you can use that as a selling point.

Here are three trends you can expect to see in 2019:

New Colors

You can say goodbye to the neutral grays of yesterday. There has been plenty of the cool and subtle hues of gray to last some renters a while anyway. New wall and flooring colors are on the horizon. This doesn’t mean that neutral colors are falling by the wayside altogether, but you can expect to see warmer, more inviting neutral tones such as sandy blonde and warm taupe. In addition, people are ready for an “accent room.” This replaces the accent wall of times past. As accent room will have all four walls painted in a color that rich color and the rest of the place will remain neutral. The accent room may be painted in colors such as forest green, navy blue, or maroon.

Kitchen Delight

The kitchen will have some new touches and retain some of its classic appeal. New for the year are:

  • Darker counters and walls in the kitchen
  • Classic black and white color scheme
  • Ceiling to floor windows or doors that look or lead out to a patio
  • Creative backsplash tile

Marble counters are still popular in kitchens

Bathroom Heaven

People will like the changes coming for bathrooms in 2019. It’s all about relaxation and making the room more like a spa than a bathroom. That means generous-sized, free-standing tubs and large open spaces in the bathroom. One trend that is making a hit for 2019 is the all-black bathroom. This look is both luxurious and classy when done right. It would work well in a high-end residence.

At Marquette Management, we are keeping you on top of the latest trend in home design. Keep in touch with us for more information. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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