2018 Apartment Design Trends To Look Forward To

a well-designed kitchen

Property managers in the multi-housing industry are always watching the trends. They continually reassess what’s hot and what’s not, because attracting new residents and retaining the ones they have is a top priority. So, as 2018 kicks off, just what styles are predicted for this year?


Technology is advancing in every area of life and it holds true for the modern home as well. Just how far smart technology will go in the multi-housing industry is up to each individual property. One simple technology feature that may be standard for most places is the availability of charging stations in the kitchen. If you want to go all out, you can offer docking ports and even device holders to make it more convenient for people who refer to their device while cooking. Audio throughout the home is another technology goodie some places may want to consider.

Kitchen updates

According to the Property Management Insider, the farmhouse kitchen is trending for 2018, and Sebring Design Build says oak wood cabinetry is making a comeback. Combining both farmhouse elements with oak cabinetry makes for an attractive and nostalgic kitchen. What makes a kitchen lean toward a farmhouse kitchen? Some of the features include subway tile, wood ceiling beams, and even barn doors.


Sebring Design Build predicts the large luxurious bathrooms common in the last decade will be replaced by smaller, but more efficient bathrooms. Little luxuries will replace the super-sized ones. Saving space is the goal of downsizing the bathroom. Yet, it need not sacrifice in style. Unique pedestal sinks provide a contemporary look while also making the room look bigger than a cabinet sink would. In addition, shelves may be more functional in the bathroom versus cabinets. One thing both Sebring and Property Management Insider agreed on is the bathroom, unlike the kitchen, is sticking with a modern look.

As you prepare for updates to your multi-housing properties, keep these trends in mind. For more tips or information, contact Marquette Management. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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