2014 Fall Decor Trends: Bring the Season Inside

Moving into your own apartment and setting up your home is one of the most important and meaningful milestones in your life. It is also a rite of passage that allows you to express your identity.

At our Marquette Boutique Apartments, you can choose from the most current apartment decor trends and create a comfortable atmosphere. It only takes a few minor additions to your home to dress it for the approaching season, creating a unique yet cozy home:

  • One of the easiest ways to bring fall into your apartment is to add seasonal foliage and vegetables. You can add yellow and orange leaves to bookcases or press them onto frames, which works especially well against white units and frames. Place some pumpkins on shelves or in open fronted units to bring in even more fall colors.
  • Another simple way to bring seasonal nature into your apartment is to use corn-husk. Place it around candles, or make it into garlands that can be hung around your home. Don’t forget to use wooden acorns, and apples can to add color to displays. You can also use feathers; just make sure they are responsibly sourced.
  • The kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to adding fall apartment decor trends. However, the addition of a few wood acorns placed on a cake platter can make a huge difference to a countertop or even a dining room table.
  • If you are even more creative, consider making wheat arrangements. Wheat can be arranged in bundles at the side of a fireplace or bent to create shapes that can be placed on either the floor or shelves.

To find out more about Marquette apartments, contact us today, and learn why you will undoubtedly enjoy decorating and living at our communities!

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