Top Trends From The 2019 International Builder’s Show

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As we move into the future, amazing innovations are becoming commonplace. Many of these were shown at this year’s International Builder’s Show.

Interested in what’s on the horizon for the multifamily industry? Here are a few trends to look forward to.

Monitoring Technology

There’s some really interesting new devices on the market for the multifamily industry. There’s a system that detects leaks and automatically shuts off water if detected, potentially saving thousands in damages. The FreshAir Sensor will detect unauthorized smoking of tobacco and marijuana inside a building.

Save On Labor Costs

A new augmented-reality device will show prospective residents a home without having to hire an extra person for the job. Since car sharing services are a big trend, accessible pick-up zones are being built in front of communities. There’s also backup electricity systems, in case of an outage, saving you from calling an electrician during expensive after hours. Amazon will install lockers for free, so residents can retrieve their packages without assistance. 

Resident Amenities

A new trend this year is digital detox zones, a place where residents can go to get away from electronic distractions. Transformable cafes, such as a coffee shop that becomes a sushi bar in the evening via movable walls are providing residents with food choices. Internet-enabled mirrors and smart closets will help residents dress and refrigerators will let you know when food is about to expire. On high rise buildings, vertical farming is providing a green aesthetic and fresh food.

Decor Trends

Statement flooring and circadian lighting systems are big this year. Gas fireplaces will create a cozy atmosphere and in upscale buildings, high quality faucets and shower heads are popular. 

It’s amazing all the features and luxuries that were shown this year at the International Builder’s show. Maybe one day they’ll even come out with a robot assistant that can manage properties while you go vacation. In the meantime, contact us with all your property management needs. 

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