The Pros & Cons of Smart Technology

smart home technology

It’s 2019 and consumers are loving smart technology. The ability to control devices from your smartphone is a huge perk for today’s residents and could be a big draw to your properties, but they can also provide more maintenance for management. Here are some tips to help decide if adding smart tech to your property is the right decision for you.

Types of Smart Tech

  • Smart thermostats offer a great way to improve your energy efficiency, allowing users to adjust the temperature while they’re away.
  • Smart outlets decrease energy usage when devices are idle.
  • Smart light bulbs allow users to turn lights on and off from anywhere.
  • Smart locks paired with smart doorbells let residents unlock doors with their smartphones instead of a physical key. They can also see who may be at their door before unlocking it for them.

Combine all of this technology into a smart home hub, and users can control everything in their home at once. Residents will love the number of ways to stay connected in their homes and the convenience these features allow.


As wonderful as these services sound for residents, implementing smart technology in multifamily properties needs to be done with care. An article from Multi-Housing News explains how important it is to not consider smart technology from the consumer standpoint and instead think of specific logistical ways management will handle resident turnover, administrator settings, off-line functionality, and software longevity. This is all manageable by establishing protocols for onboarding and offboarding users and staying current on software updates. It is also important to understand how the products work so you can troubleshoot problems with residents.

Smart technology is only going to get bigger in the future. Use these ideas to get the ball rolling on smart tech for your own properties and don’t hesitate to contact us at Marquette Management — the best place to work, live, and invest!

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