Elevate Pet-Friendly Living With Effective Pet Policies

pet-friendly apartment

Becoming a pet-friendly community can make your property more attractive on the rental market. You’ll want to ensure that your property management company has the right policies in place to help protect your homes, though. Marquette is a pet-friendly apartment management team that can help you ensure that your community has the right policies in […]

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Jazz Up Your Communities With Textured Ceilings

a unique ceiling

According to housing market reports, more people may be renting this year because of the rising mortgage interest rates. While that’s great news for property managers and investors, it also means that you may want to make a few updates to give your community a competitive edge. One way to give a residence a luxurious look […]

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Money Saving Tips to Help Maintain Your Multifamily Community

saving money

Home ownership is a huge proposition. New and even experienced owners often find maintaining their property costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, today there are innovative materials and products which can greatly reduce the amount of money and energy needed to keep your residences in tip-top shape. Consider these five tips for maintaining a beautiful community: Opt […]

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