Set SMART Goals to Move Ahead In Your Career

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The number one key to being more productive and successful is to set goals. But you shouldn’t just set any goals. If you really want to move ahead, you need to set targeted SMART goals.

 Keep reading to find out what we mean by SMART and how you can use this to get ahead in the multifamily industry.

SMART is an acronym that defines the specific things you need for your goals to be effective. Goals should be:


It’s not enough to just think, I want to build my business. Your goals need to set specific standards. For instance, a goal in the multifamily industry could be, I want to acquire more property. Now that’s a specific goal, but we still need more.


The goal needs to be something that can be measured. So with the goal we came up with above, I want to acquire more property, we would adjust it to, I want to acquire two new communities. As something that can be measured, you’ll know exactly when you’ve hit your target.


If you are setting goals that are completely unrealistic, you’re going to end up disappointed. So ask yourself, is acquiring two new communities really something that’s achievable for where you’re at now? Maybe this needs to be revised to one new community? Or maybe you could do even better. You’ll need to evaluate where you are right now and ask yourself, is this something I can realistically do?


Your goal also needs to be relevant. Be sure to to ask yourself, is this goal worthwhile? Is it the right time? If you’re sure your goal meets these standards and is relevant to your situation then it’s time to move on to the last letter in SMART.


Ask yourself, when can you realistically expect this goal to be accomplished? If we use the goal above, I want to acquire two new communities, we can just add a time limit, let’s say in the next year. So our SMART goal becomes, I want to acquire two new communities in the next year.

Now that we’ve gone through the entire SMART acronym, we have a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goal. That’s something you can work with. That’s a goal that’s going to help you move ahead in your multifamily management career.

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