3 Reasons Property Managers Should Try Text Messaging


If you operate a multi-housing property, then you realize how important it is to maintain a great relationship with your tenants, prospects, and employees. Customer and employee satisfaction is high on every manager’s priority list. A way to ensure you keep the connection flowing is by text messaging. According to Multi-Family Insiders, over 81% of American adults use their phone to send text messages. One thing almost everyone has in common when it comes to their phone — they check it often. In fact, some people check their phone every few minutes. However, they still may not be responsive to missed phone calls because they don’t know who it’s coming from or they just don’t have the time to call someone back. The problem with calling someone back is you never know how long the call will take. That’s why text messaging is quickly becoming a medium for businesses to communicate with potential clients. In fact, text messages get more attention than even emails. Some companies have even seen an 800% increase in results when using text messaging as opposed to emails.

Text messages have a sense of urgency about them

Ever notice how when you see a text alert and an email alert, you automatically open the text message first. Why is this? The text message feature feels more personable because we’re so used to email marketing campaigns. We see an email and we figure it’s probably just business or “junk mail.” But when you see a text message, it gets you thinking it may be something personal. We usually text our friends and email our business contacts, right? So, that is what makes text messages feel more urgent.

Texting is convenient

When someone is shopping around for anything, they will likely have questions. Phone calls don’t work so great for asking and answering questions, because sometimes people may think of one more question after the conversation is over. Yet, they don’t want to call the company back. With texting, the potential customer can text questions whenever they come up and it’s convenient for everyone. They (and you) can tackle those questions whenever they arise — in real-time.

Texting is faster

Most people don’t have a lot of extra time to deal with getting through to a business. They need a system that works fast. Text messages are great because they go through almost immediately most of the time, whereas emails take more time.

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