How To Jumpstart Cold Leads in Property Management

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As the cold winter weather begins to blow in, property managers are gearing up for the upcoming lease renewals. It’s never too early to begin developing ideas to bring in more residents for the spring. One way to get a head start on spring is to check out old leads that may have gone stagnant. Some property managers may abandon leads once they’ve gone cold, but, according to the Multifamily Insiders, to do so means you may miss out on potential renters. What can property managers do to jumpstart those cold leads?

Automate the workflow

Make the task more effortless by using CRM software. CRM software helps you with your marketing campaign by sending out automated emails. You can decide how often you want emails sent out. You can then have follow-up emails sent out if a person clicks on a link in your original email. This ensures that your prospective customer will not feel left out in the cold. You can use automation along with your marketing software to create segmented lists. These will target a particular demographic. For example, if you are wanting to promote certain amenities that are geared toward seniors, you could send emails to people in that demographic.

Offer specials

Your prospects may need a bit of prodding to sign that lease. They may need a reason to select your community over another one. It helps to offer them specials, rewards, bonuses, or discounts for taking the step and joining the residence. This is when the segmented lists will come in handy. You can send your special offers to everyone or you can narrow your focus and zero in on those you know will be most interested, thus using your resources more efficiently.

Make personal contact

As great as the automated emails are, there comes a time when you need to make that personal contact. When you see that someone is clicking on your emails, links, or showing interest, it’s time to connect by phone. A personable touch may be necessary to clinch the sale.

As winter sets in, find these marketing methods effective to rejuvenate cold leads and revive lease renewals. At Marquette Management, we keep you on top of ways to boost your community. For more information about our residence, connect with us today. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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