Your Business, Their Home: Attracting and Keeping Great Tenants

As a property company, it’s important to always consider the potential upside of every investment and to vet potential tenants to make sure they’re the type that we want in our properties. Horror stories abound about tenants who don’t pay and who damage properties once you’ve begun the eviction process. But what about the Class-A […]

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A New Office For Marquette Management

From the beginning, the Marquette team has remained focused on its vision to be the best place to work, live, and invest. The Marquette Corporate office recently moved into a brand new space on Water Street in beautiful downtown Naperville. Marquette Management developed the entire street including a boutique hotel, a special event space, as […]

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3 Color Trends For Apartments

roller painting a wall beige

It’s been proven that the first thing people notice when they step into a room is color. It sets the mood, evokes feelings, and expresses a certain sense of style. According to Multifamily Executive, color is the most important and versatile tool we use when decorating our homes. Therefore, we’ve borrowed some tips on how […]

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