4 Traits of a Growing Multi-Housing Community

shaking hands

Property managers are always looking for new ideas to gain future renters. One important element of connecting with new clients is to ensure you have a management team that inspires residents to want to live there. People often take the personal characteristics of the staff very seriously when deciding where to live. Here are four […]

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Why You Should Leverage Referrals to Attract High-Quality Residents

friends referring friends to an apartment

High-quality residents are what everyone in the multi-housing industry is after. These are the residents who pay their rent on time, contribute to a positive community, and take care of their property. They keep turnover costs low and largely avoid delinquent rent. Taking care of your high-quality residents is the first step in creating an […]

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How to Market to Future Generations

generation z

It’s always been important for property managers to pay attention to the customer when crafting a marketing strategy. As the times and generations change, so must the strategy. According to the┬áProperty Management Insider, marketers are already studying the future habits of what is termed Gen Z, which will represent the next group of renters to […]

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