The Perks of Catering to Pet Owners

a pet-friendly apartment

In the past, the multifamily industry has been slightly less than accommodating for pet owners. Over time, as owning a dog has become more in vogue, the industry realized that catering to dog-owners can be a distinct advantage over the competition. Here are some of the current trends aimed at the pet-owning population and why it is a […]

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Four Multifamily Trends That Will Attract Millennial Residents


Recent data shows that there are over 90 million millennials currently living in the US and that number is only going to increase. Property developers are quickly recognizing that this growing demographic is changing the real estate market in their favor. With busier lifestyles and the desire for urban living, millennials are often renters by choice. […]

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Tips on How Property Managers can Connect With Customers

laughing with residents

An effective property manager is always looking for ways to connect with their customers. They understand the necessity of a positive customer relationship. When customers, old and new, connect with their property manager in meaningful ways, then there is a greater likelihood that they will stay on. Here’s how those in the multi-housing industry can do […]

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