Money Saving Tips to Help Maintain Your Multifamily Community

saving money

Home ownership is a huge proposition. New and even experienced owners often find maintaining their property costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, today there are innovative materials and products which can greatly reduce the amount of money and energy needed to keep your residences in tip-top shape.

Consider these five tips for maintaining a beautiful community:

Opt For Metal Roofs

Choose metal roofs and you will have 40 to 50 years where you won’t have to think about repairing or replacing them. While roofs made with tile or wood shingles can fail in bad weather and decompose with age, those constructed of metal withstand almost anything.

Select Synthetic Siding

Synthetic siding on your buildings means you will never have to paint the exteriors again. Choose an experienced contractor to install the siding and ask for a warranty.

Hooded Gutters Will Save The Day

Put in hooded gutters, and you will no longer have to face the biannual ritual of cleaning out leaves and other debris. Installing these guarded gutters is relatively simple and inexpensive and gives you years of worry-free performance.

Consider Laminate Flooring

Consider laminate flooring over other materials. This type of floor is scratch-resistant, hard to stain and easier to clean than hardwood or carpet. Laminate now comes in a variety of colors and patterns, some of which mimic natural woods or ceramics.

Washable Wall Paint is The Way To Go

Invest in washable wall paint for every room in all your properties. It is less expensive than quality wallpaper or paneling. Many varieties are available which can cover surfaces including drywall, concrete, brick, and wood.

Your homes should be a source of pride, not projects to constantly stress over. When you reduce the time and money needed for maintenance, you create more opportunities to enjoy life. Keeping properties in good shape serves not only you but the entire community. For more information on help with home and property management, please contact us.

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