Jazz Up Your Communities With Textured Ceilings

a unique ceiling

According to housing market reports, more people may be renting this year because of the rising mortgage interest rates. While that’s great news for property managers and investors, it also means that you may want to make a few updates to give your community a competitive edge. One way to give a residence a luxurious look without much of an investment is to use creative designs on the ceilings. Textured ceilings are a popular way to add interest to a home. Here are three different ceilings styles that add visual attraction.


The swirl method has been around for many years. Its lovely swirled design can be created either in a full or a half circle. Before applying the drywall mud, it’s best to plan how you will position the swirls so that they are evenly distributed and no empty spots remain. Roll on the drywall mud and then make the swirl pattern using a wallpaper brush or any other tool that has the same effect. Once you’re done, let it dry thoroughly before painting. The textured swirls create a sense of motion or rippling much like water.


This subtle texture is great for ceilings that have a few blemishes. It’s also easy to apply for novices. It involves using a drywall hopper gun to spray the wet drywall into the ceiling. Parts of the sprayed on drywall will form peaks that hang down. When you’re done, you knock down the peaks with a special tool. The overall effect is a combination of knocked down peaks and flat surface.


The lace application is more time-consuming but quite beautiful. You paint the ceiling one color and apply the textured pattern another color. You apply the pattern similar to the knockdown procedure. The flat surface underneath is your base color and the textured pattern is another color. The result is a look of delicate lace.

Add a touch of class to your homes this year by spicing up the ceilings. The cost is minimal but the outcome is elegant. For more information about our homes, contact Marquette Management today. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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