Virtual and Augmented Reality hit the Multi-Housing Industry

a woman on her computer

The real estate industry benefits from new technological advances in business. Whether it’s advanced financial background checks, online payment software, or sophisticated maintenance software, the added technology solutions are a real boost to the industry. Property managers are always looking for ways to attract new customers as well as maintain their current clientele. One such […]

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How to Market to Future Generations

generation z

It’s always been important for property managers to pay attention to the customer when crafting a marketing strategy. As the times and generations change, so must the strategy. According to the¬†Property Management Insider, marketers are already studying the future habits of what is termed Gen Z, which will represent the next group of renters to […]

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Four Multifamily Trends That Will Attract Millennial Residents


Recent data¬†shows that there are over 90 million millennials currently living in the US and that number is only going to increase. Property developers are quickly recognizing that this growing demographic is changing the real estate market in their favor. With busier lifestyles and the desire for urban living, millennials are often renters by choice. […]

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