The Perks of Catering to Pet Owners

a pet-friendly apartment

In the past, the multifamily industry has been slightly less than accommodating for pet owners. Over time, as owning a dog has become more in vogue, the industry realized that catering to dog-owners can be a distinct advantage over the competition. Here are some of the current trends aimed at the pet-owning population and why it is a […]

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How to Capture the Best Photos of Your Property

a woman taking a photo of an apartment

One of the important tasks of a property manager is to sell the community to new prospects. Posting appealing content is one of the ways property managers can accomplish this goal. In a recent Property Management Insider article, apartment photographer, Ed Blinn said, “I don’t think some people in this business fully understand how a photo can […]

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Two Huge Benefits of Online Payments

paying rent online

Rent collection is a critical aspect of apartment management for multifamily homes. A recent article from Property Management Insider detailed how apartment and property managers can simplify online payments for their residents; however, paper checks are still a very common way to collect rent. This is due, in part, to a combination of old habits and […]

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