Sustainable Features are in Demand

a woman watering a plant

For a long time amenities like pools, play areas for children, and fitness centers offered by the multi-housing industry have played an important part in attracting new residents. But now millennials, in particular, are looking for eco-friendly features to reflect their green lifestyles. According to a recent article by¬†Innovation Excellence, millennials are now the largest […]

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3 Traits to Look for When Hiring in the Multi-Housing Industry

hiring an employee at a multifamily community

Part of operating a seamless community in the multi-housing industry involves having the proper staff. It’s important to make sure you hire those people who will help boost both the office and the resident experience. When preparing to hire new employees, it’s important to know what traits to look for. There are some characteristics that […]

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SMART Goals for Property Managers

writing down goals

Many businesses think of goal setting at the beginning of the year, but in the multi-housing industry, the spring/summer is a hot time for selling new leases. That means this is the perfect time for property managers to set their goals. Whether it’s goals for their lease renewal rate, new leases, or their inbound marketing […]

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