3 Ways for Property Managers to Engage Their Employees


As a property manager, you realize how important it is to have a productive workflow. An efficient office means that resident problems are handled quicker, new prospects are cared for more readily, and the inner workings of the office are smooth. All of this adds up to less work stress for the manager. However, in order to make sure the workflow is productive you must ensure employees are all doing their jobs effectively. Here is where some property managers run into a problem. Research indicates a great number of employees are not fully engaged at work. This poses a problem for the manager. However, there are fundamental ways to encourage engagement at work.

Here are 3 tips for property managers to help inspire employees:

Inspire fun through gamification

The Property Management Insider had some insight about engaging employees. The RealPage’s EasyLMS is a learning app that engages employees through gamification. Gamification works by encouraging employees to do their best for the company. It does this by allowing employees to earn points and badges and reach levels, and so on as they achieve success at performing their job. So, for example, they may receive a token reward for every lease signed. Gamification can also encourage employees to work within time constraints by rewarding them when they complete a job within a specific timeframe. This would be helpful for the maintenance crew.

Give compliments when due

It’s easy to overlook, but important to do. Give out compliments when someone does a job well done. It means a lot when workers feel appreciated and it takes such little effort to do it on the manager’s part. By letting staff know that their work is valued, you encourage them to continue contributing great work to the team.

Be transparent

Being authentic is an important part of your interactions as a leader. People are drawn to those who are open and honest when dealing with others. Plus it helps employees to feel more comfortable if they have an issue to be able to come to you and discuss it. Strive for transparent business dealings in all areas and not only will this affect employees but it will also help residents too.

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