3 Ways to Develop Your Social Media Strategy for the Multi-Housing Industry

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According to the Statistics Portal, “the global share of businesses using social media marketing is 96%.” With more businesses using social media to promote their brand, those in the multi-housing industry can benefit from understanding what works. This month the Multifamily Social Media Summit was held and the issue of social media strategies in multi-housing was a topic of discussion. Here are three important things to remember when developing your social media strategy.


With all the social media platforms and posts that are online, it can seem overwhelming for some customers. However, the Property Management Insider shared one insight from the meeting that should help get your community noticed. Instead of posting about policies or procedures, use your social media posts to create a story. By using images, short videos, and creative text, you help strengthen your brand image. Brand storytelling helps the viewer connect with you on a more emotional level.

Cut Costs

Some communities may not have the budget for professionally produced video content. However, with a bit of imagination and the use of inexpensive or free apps and software, you can create animations that can be just as effective. Animations are generally shorter than videos so you have to make sure you have a purpose and message before creating one. You don’t want to simply throw together animations just to be doing it. You want to ensure that it contributes to your overall message.

Create a strategy

Develop a plan to create, publish, test, and re-publish (if necessary). When you begin to post your material on social media sites, you can use analytic tools to see how much traffic your posts are getting. This helps you determine whether you are going in the right direction, publishing on the right platform, and reaching the right number of people. If you aren’t reaching anyone on a particular platform, then try a different one. Most likely you will post to several platforms at once.

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