3 Strategies For Satisfying Your Multifamily Staff

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At Marquette Management Company, we aim to please our residents, investors, and our staff! We’ve learned that the key to creating a successful team is to respect, acknowledge, and challenge employees to grow with the company. Good attitudes are infectious, so starting from within is a great strategy when forming a positive community.

Here are some steps to take when creating your all-star staff.

Train up your staff

Property Management Insider had an article that mentioned the effectiveness of training your current staff. If you have lower-level staff with potential, then there may not be a need to invest in bringing on more employees to fill upper-level positions. With the proper training, these employees may assume additional duties and even level up to a higher position altogether. Online training provided by the company is a great incentive for employees to stick around.

Provide staff with responsibility

Once you have trained staff, let them have added responsibilities. This expanded role will help them feel a higher level of job satisfaction. In fact, research shows that employees who are given more independence are happier at work. Other studies reveal happier employees are more productive. So it makes sense that giving your employees more responsibility and independence will lead to happier, more productive employees.

Take note of the positive

When the staff does a good job, take notice of it and compliment them. It’s easy to overlook the great things employees do every day and forget to thank them. Usually, when something negative happens, we notice it. However, it pays to take notice when things go right also. Employees tend to work harder when they feel their work is appreciated.

Keeping a great team is an important key to being an effective property manager. At Marquette Management, we understand the critical part you play. For more tips on enhancing your team, contact us today.


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