Make Property Inspection Part Of Your Daily Routine


The daily checklist for a property manager includes the property inspection. A brief property inspection should be one of the tasks in the manager’s essential daily routine. Professional property management demands that the apartment manager is acutely aware of what is happening on and around the property at all times. Curb appeal is always at the top of the […]

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How To Encourage Residents To Get Involved


An apartment community is its own neighborhood and like many neighborhoods across the nation, there is a sense of community – of pride. That is not different in an apartment. To achieve that closeness requires residents to actively participate in building their community. What Is Community? “Community” is much the same thing that makes a […]

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The Charm Of The Micro Apartment


Luxury has gone micro. Over a decade ago, the micro apartment and loft movement trend began in New York. Today, that trend is showing up in metropolitan cities across the U.S. The motivation behind the move is cheaper rent in high-demand housing districts. Smaller, in this case, is certainly better for both the property owner […]

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