The Difference Between “Community” and “Neighbor”


Effective property management opens doors not just to houses but to homes and turns the strangers on the other side of the wall into neighbors — building lasting foundations for real community. Anyone can be a neighbor in the sense that they own the next mailbox, buy late-night snacks at the same Mini-Mart on the corner, […]

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Connect With Residents Through Instagram


For property managers, finding innovated ways to connect with current residents and potential products is crucial for generating business. By using different social media platforms, specifically Instagram, property managers can establish their profiles as a helpful resource for informing and engaging with residents. Instagram is very popular with millennials, making it a valuable and visual platform to highlight the […]

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The Two Fundamental Traits Of Apartment Management


Apartment management includes constant interaction with many different kinds of people — one of the most demanding aspects of the job descriptions. You can divide these people into two groups: those who you hire and those who hire you, but regardless of their position, there are two fundamental traits for treating everyone you encounter in this […]

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