The Importance Of Apartment Renewal Rates


The American dream is based on the idea of creating wealth from hard work, and providing your family with every opportunity of education, comfort and success. One way in which we see the general public expressing their needs for stability is quite evident in apartment renewal rates. Every year more people are choosing to remain in the […]

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Make Your Community Feel More Like A Home


Your property should make prospective residents feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed. Visitors who detect these home-like qualities make natural mental connections between your property and “home.” In order to attract stable, responsible residents, therefore, it is important to create a welcoming, safe, and comfortable atmosphere. Before we explore just how to incorporate these traits into […]

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3 Qualities Of A Great Property Manager


Innovative ideas, flexibility, and an eye on the future trends in the industry are what make great leaders in the multi-housing community.  Property managers that have their finger on the pulse of the industry are beneficial for investors. However, with so many managers to choose from, how can you be assured of securing one that will excel […]

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